Reasons why you should register your event online now!

Reasons why you should register your event online now!


Event organizers have a ton of things to worry about, let’s take event registration and ticket management off their shoulders.
With the advent of the internet, there have been major advancements in almost every sphere of life. The wave of digitalization has hit the domain of event registration as well. Earlier event registration used to be a hectic task with paper invites, print media ads, setting up ticket selling centers and what not. But all these hectic tasks have now been replaced by simple interfaces of various event registration platforms.

Online event registration brings with it a plethora of wide-ranging benefits.

• Always on
The event registration platforms are accessible 24×7 to the attendees; they do not have 10 to 5 office hours. Hence it increases the reachability of your event.
• Easy process
The process of event registration is simple and easy. By just logging in, you open yourself to endless benefits that online event registration provides.
• Automated data
Gone are the days when you had to frustrate your mind with handling long lists of attendees and invites. All attendee details and list are automatically saved in the attendee list. You can even send the attendees emails easily.
• Prevents overbooking/selling
The earlier way of selling tickets physically at different locations lacked synchronization. This led to overselling of tickets. With event registration platforms you can fix the number of tickets to be sold.
• Ease of payments
The online event registration enables the users to pay using various online payment methods. This also promotes the digital India campaign of our government.
• Attendee convenience
The attendee need not stand in long queues and waste their time to get a ticket now. They can book tickets now sitting in the ease of their homes.
• Easy promotion
You can even promote your event on social media and hence get a higher reach.
• Lower cost of marketing
Digital marketing cost way less than conventional marketing and reaches more people. Thus an event registration platform turns out to be a win-win situation.
• Higher reach
Considering the number of people that use the internet and specifically the social media, the reach of your event will be very high in listed on an event registration platform.
• In sync with the human psychology
We humans we love to procrastinate don’t us? Most attendees don’t buy the tickets until the last day. As the event registration platform is always accessible, you can let your attendees procrastinate a little.
• Collect attendee details
Maintaining the details of the attendees is a must for the organizers as it helps them contact the attendees later for a similar event. The event registration platform stores the attendee details forever.
• Feedback emails
After the event has concluded, feedback is one more domain that the organizers put a lot of effort in. The event registration platform enables you to send an email and collect feedback from all your attendees.

So I guess you know what you have to do when organizing your next event.

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