Why advertise?

You may organize an event and pour your heart into it. But an event can never be successful if it fails to attract the masses. You need people to know about the event and for that, you need to advertise. Advertising using print media costs a lot and gives very low reach. In the age of the internet, when everyone is either on their mobiles or laptops, why even consider print media? Digital marketing is the new thing. Advertising over the internet is more effective as it reaches more people with very less cost of advertising.

Why advertise through Eventzerz?

• Established social media platform
• Over 2 lakh hits and 3.7 lakhs page views on the website every month
• In-depth marketing
• Target specific advertising
• Way less expensive than other websites offering the same services
• We treat an event as if we were organizing it ourselves
• Reach about 1,00,000 for prices as low as 100/day

You can opt to choose from the following comprehensive plans, specially curated to make your event a sure hit:


For specific marketing plans please write an email to support@eventzerz.com or contact us through the given query form. Our team would be delighted to help you with any customized plans that you may want.

Come let’s make your great event GREATER!



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